Gaming Gear

We’ve been gamers for more than two decades and have seen a fair share of good and bad gear in our time.

With so much choice, knowing what the best gaming hardware to invest in can be tricky but our hands on reviews should give you all the info you need to choose wisely.

Meta Quest Pro Review

There’s no denying the Meta Quest Pro packs some impressive hardware and showcase features, but there’s not really a use for any of it – yet.

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Logitech G815 Gaming Keyboard Review

As far as gaming keyboards go, the Logitech G815 is a bit of a quiet achiever. It’s understated styling means it won’t look out of place in an office, while strong LIGHTSYNC RGB implementation keeps it right at home in gaming setups too.

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RØDE NTH-100 Headphones Review

Loaded with clever quality of life touches, they’re some of the best headphones for creators you’ll find and bring the added value of being an excellent day to day headphone option as well.

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